Who’s at no. 4 in Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool? We are!

This is awesome! Our demo has made it to the Top 5 on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool chart within a week of its submission.

Agni had created a catchy tune with bagpipes at the centre of attraction. Though only 37 seconds long, the demo impressed listeners enough to steadily climb up the chart. Here’s the track’s day-wise ranking:
Day 2: 101
Day 3: 43
Day 5: 20
Day 7: 4

A heartfelt thanks to everybody who voted! Spurred by the encouragement, Agni has already programmed the rest of the track. And it sounds freakin’ amazing. Ummm… Letting you in on a little secret: this track will be the band’s first in English. Oh, it will feature guest vocals by an uber-talented artiste with jaw-dropping vocal abilities. We can safely say that the final product will be nothing like you’ve ever heard from us before. It’s out of this world. (When the track will finally be out, you’ll see it indeed is out of this world. There’s some layers to this expression and it will become apparent only when you listen to the song.)

The hook of the song—not the bagpipes, but the other hook—has been decided upon and it’s this bit that’s elevating the track’s energy to stratospheric level. Thank you, secret collaborator. The lyrics have yet to be penned and this is where the song is stuck currently. Gary has his hands full with rehearsals and managerial duties, so the lyrical work is on the backburner. Just a matter of time before the lyrics are ready and song begins to evolve in all its glory. We’re excited at the prospect of what lies ahead with this song.

Oh, while it was tentatively titled Desi Summer, Agni agrees that the name needs to change. It will find its name once the lyrics are ready.

Want to close this blogpost by sharing this image from our previous blogpost about the demo:

At the time of writing that blogpost, the track was at no. 43 on the chart. We wanted to break into Top 10 and then Top 5. Glad to have directly taken the leap to Top 5! Here’s hoping for a lot more success.

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