Vote for our track in Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool

Hello, friends! Agni made a new track recently and he uploaded it on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool section. And we need your support.

Spinnin’ Records is the label that every up and coming EDM artiste aspires to be associated with. A track’s likelihood of being heard by the label’s A&R managers improves as its ranking in the list of submitted demos improves. It’s been less than 72 hours since Agni uploaded the track and it has already broken into Top 50. After Day 1, the track had climbed up to the sweet spot of rank 101. The next day, it reached rank 43.

How to vote

We are happy, grateful and excited. And ambitious. Help us break into Top 10 by voting for the track. You will need to be logged in to Facebook to cast your vote. Click here to go to the track’s page and click on the ‘vote’ button. Simple.

About the demo

The track, tentatively titled Desi Summer, opens with Scotland’s beloved bagpipes playing a distinctly Arabic melody. The version you’ll find on the demo page is only 37 seconds long. Many listeners on the Talent Pool page have commented that it’s too good, but too short; they are left wanting for more. Wish granted! Agni says the final version of the track will be about four minutes minutes long, have an ethnic touch and, oh, have vocals, of course.

We’d be most grateful and delighted if you could show your support by taking time out to vote for the track. Let’s take it to Top 10. Once there, we’ll aim for Top 5. But that’s for later. It would be so cool to get noticed by Spinnin’ Records executives!

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