Avinash’s new movie ‘Mrs Scooter’ out now

The wait for the release of Mrs Scooter, an independent movie Avinash has composed music for, is finally over; it is now available for streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

The movie, which has got a 7.5/10 rating on IMDb (11 reviews), was originally supposed to be released in early 2015. In run up to that, its music launch was held in Mumbai in January 2015. At the function, choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan unveiled the film’s first look too.

However, Mrs Scooter ran into rough weather and its plans for a full-fledged release went off track. After a prolonged wait, the movie found home at Amazon’s Prime Video service. Released at the platform on June 1, all Prime Video subscribers can view it for free.

The movie has four songs, all composed by Avinash. One of them, Saiyaan Hue Faraar, is up on Ragasur’s YouTube channel. In the coming days, the other three songs will also be uploaded on the band’s YouTube playlist that features Avinash’s independent movie work. In one of these songs, Avinash himself has performed the lead vocal duties at the behest of the movie’s director, Shiladitya Moulik. Besides composing, arranging, mixing and mastering songs for the film, Avinash has worked on its background score too.

Plot of Mrs Scooter

Mrs Scooter stars National Award-winning actress Anjali Patil in the lead role. The movie begins with a mid-level clerk bringing home two things that are closest to his heart: the woman he’s just married and his new scooter. However, he loses his life in an accident just a day after. From this point, the fortune of his wife as well his scooter nosedives. Soon, the wife and the scooter too are separated. Their trials and tribulations and the happy ending make up the central plot of Mrs Scooter.

Mrs Scooter owes its release on Amazon Prime Video to Bollywood actor Abhay Deol. Its run time is 95 minutes and has been screened at New York Indian Film Festival.

Mrs Scooter is the fourth film for which Avinash has composed music. His previous work includes Shuttlecock Boys, Raag: The Rhythm of Love and The Story of My Life. He was nominated twice for the award of Best Music Director for his work in Raag.

Avinash gets nod for best music director award

Avinash has been nominated for the award of the best music director for his work in Assamese film Raag: The Rhythm of Love.
The musical—released on February 7, 2014, in Assam and a month later across India under PVR Director’s Rare initiative—has been nominated in as many as 10 categories for the Assam State Film Awards 2015. The winners will be declared on October 18.

This is the second time Avinash has been nominated for the award of the best music director for the film. Raag was in the race for 12 awards in Prag Cine Awards 2014, organised by Prag Network. The awards were given away at a grand ceremony in Bangalore on March 22, 2014. Though trophy for best music direction eluded Avinash, the film saw its lead actor Adil Hussain walking away with the best actor award. The film won two other awards too: best art direction and best makeup.

Other moviesposter-raag

Before Raag, Avinash has composed music for an independent film, Shuttlecock Boys. The movie was released across the country under PVR Director’s Rare initiative on August 3, 2012. Prior to this, Shuttlecock Boys was screened at Chicago South Asian Film Festival on October 2, 2011. The movie and its music earned rave reviews at film festivals across the world. Times of India gave it 3.5 stars.

It is though his work in Shuttlecock Boys that the makers of Raag learnt about Avinash. Impressed by what they heard, they sought him out and got him to make music for their musical.

Avinash has composed songs and background score for another yet-to-be-released movie, tentatively titled Perfect Narangi. His biggest project, though, is a Bollywood film titled Mrs Scooter. The movie is expected to be released in a few months.

Update: Raag did not win the award for best music director.

Music launch of Avinash’s Bollywood project in Mumbai

The music and first look of Mrs Scooter, an upcoming movie for which Avinash has composed songs, were unveiled in Mumbai on January 19.

mrs-scooterChoreographer-turned-director Farah Khan was the chief guest at the event. The independent movie has been directed by Shiladitya Moulik and stars Anjali Patil in the lead role. The film has been screened at New York Indian Film Festival, where it earned rave reviews. Patil is a recipient of Silver Peacock Award for best actress at International Film Festival of India (2012) and National Film Award – Special Mention (2013).

The story of Mrs Scooter revolves around a woman whose husband passes away the day after they tie the knot. Her husband leaves behind a scooter too the couple had bought on the day of their wedding. The movie’s plot is woven around the parallel lives of the scooter and the estranged wife, who face similar situations after being abandoned.

Mrs Scooter is the fourth film for which Avinash has composed music. His previous work includes Shuttlecock Boys, Raag: The Rhythm of Love and The Story of My Life (yet to be released).

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