Q: Why would a band need an FAQ page?
A: To boast. (#SelfIndulgence)

Q: Really!
A: Yup. (#Confidence)

Q: Who does what in the group?
A: Avinash handles the lead vocals and songwriting duties. Agni aces the production part; programming, mixing, mastering etc. Gary is the wordsmith, contributing lyrics. For live performances, Avinash plays violin and keyboard; Gary handles backing vocals while showing off (and often playing) the guitar; Agni plays with the digital toys.

Q: Are the band members full-time musicians or do they juggle music with regular jobs?
A: Before starting working on Ragasur, Avinash used to compose music for advertisements, documentaries, movies etc, but has stopped taking projects to focus on the band. With the same objective, Gary quit his newsroom job in 2014. Now, he writes stories sporadically for a news agency as a freelancer. Agni, the youngest of the three, has just completed engineering. Clear from the beginning that he wanted to be an artiste, he gave job placement a miss and dove head-first into preparing the non-stop set for Ragasur’s live performance.

Q: Who’s the frontman of the band?
A: Come on! There’s only three people in the group, there’s no back row here.

Q: What kind of music does Ragasur make/perform? What genre?
A: Only original music. The band has only one objective: making great music. It can mean hardcore EDM tracks like Chaahat and Oh Jaaneman or minimalistic hymns like Pari or unplugged version of Bahaane. Trance, electro-pop, electro-rock, acoustic… Expect anything and everything in a Ragasur album.

Q: Released any album yet?
A: We had, we had, in early 2016. But we ended our association with that distribution partner and now are in the process of re-releasing our songs with a new agency. The album’s title is Ishaq, named after the lead single and our first song, and has 12 tracks. We’ve got another dozen songs ready, but will release them in due course.

Q: What’s holding up the work on these remaining songs?
A: Right now, the band’s priority is to start performing live. So all the time is going towards preparing a kickass live set. Because practice makes a rockstar perfect.

Q: Nice job plugging your live performances. What to expect at a Ragasur show?
A: Don’t expect a show. Expect a show-off, showmanship. What happens when substance meets style? Expect that. Songs that speak about love, heartbreak, nostalgia etc, kickass dance music, lovely lyrics. About two dozen original tracks, more than 100 minutes of non-stop, original music. Good vibes, laughter, cheer, awe-struck audience, dancing audience, no loo break. Ummm… Just don’t expect songs with the words like “daaru“, “pub”, “party” etc.

Q: Hmmm… What’s the goal of the band? What exactly is Ragasur aiming at?
A: To make great music that speaks to the band’s heart and moves the listener, figuratively as well as literally. To headline top music fests across the world. To perform stadium tours, like in the West. Become a loved and high-value brand, move merchandise, star in slick music videos. To become the rockstars India has never had.

Q: That sounds arrogant.
A: Nah. That’s the sound of confidence. (#Comeback)

Q: What’s behind this stratospheric confidence?
A: It’s the faith that a city set on a hill cannot be hidden, that excellence cannot not be recognised in this day and age. The band has already earned some recognition, like becoming Spinnin’ Records Track Of The Week, a nomination for Pari in the best pop song category at Radio City Freedom Awards 2015. Agni’s instrumental track Rain Chords peaked at number 4 in an international trance chart in August 2015. Avinash has earned the nomination for best music director twice for an Assamese film, Raag, for which he gave music. The band excels at what it does, so ambition has to be sky-high.

Q: Then why did you guys make a song like The Legend of Kabootars’ Diet?
A: Because we can! (#Sweg)

Q: If you’re so shrewd, answer this: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Ha! To attend a Ragasur concert.