A dorky remake of ‘Bahaane’

As you must be aware, two of our songs—Ishaq Hua Hai Mujhe and Bahaane—have been released worldwide with FL Studio as demo projects. This means all the individual elements of a song are available to the users of the software in a raw format. They can tweak them they please and come up with their own version of the track. This is the flexibility, the power that comes with a demo project. And with great power, comes great risk. Our these two tracks have been remade a lot. Some versions are good, some so bad that they are good (as in funny) and some outright cringeworthy. In this blogpost, we are ashamed to share one such cringeworthy version of Bahaane. Avinash had the misfortune of discovering this track a few days ago. Gary could hear him exclaiming from the other room. When he got to see the video, his jaw dropped. It’s not the heavily autotuned, wannabe singing that put us off; we’re used to them from the time Ishaq… was made available on FL Studio. It’s this song’s video that makes us go “Come on, dude!” Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the soft porn version of Bahaane:

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