6 Best Approaches for Wider Stereo Mix

Well, what is Wider Stereo Mix?

For understanding this, first you need to know what is mean by wide sound.

Wide sound is nothing but the difference between the left signal and the right signal which is also known as Side Signal.

For getting Wider Stereo Mix, you have to keep 3 things in mind.

  1. Always play something in mono to let the listener perceive that something is going on stereo. So the irony is playing something only in stereo will make your track sound small and monotonous
  2. Your individual elements should not do phase cancellation with each other
  3. There should always have reason why that sound needs to be wider.

You can get wider sound in many ways:


Gives the sound a sense of depth and a wide space reflection. My favorite plugin for reverb is Fab Filter Pro-R.



Gives a sound a sense of depth with limited number of reflections. My favorite plugin for delay effect is Waves H-Delay Analog Delay Plugin

sound delay

Chorus / Phaser / Flanger:

Manipulates the sound by duplicating the source sound and summing with subtle pitch modulation. My favorite plugin for chorus effect is TAL-Chorus-LX



Changes the volume of left and right signal of the sound


Haas Effect:

Makes the sound wider by changing the time offset between left and right signal

haas effect

Double Tracking:

Recording the same instrument twice and then panning one to left and second to right.

double tracking

For me, Reverb is the best approach to make any sound wider.


Reverb gives the sound a space and depth and makes you hear the sound in more natural way. Remember, you don’t make the sound natural. You make the listener perceive the sound in natural way psycho-acoustically.

In this video, I have shown the right approaches to make your stereo mix sound wider.

I have used all these techniques on my recent release. Check it out.

If you any question or want to debate with me, leave your comment below.

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