Ragasur releases debut album, ‘Ishaq’

Ragasur’s debut album is out now, available for sale on OK Listen.

The album is titled Ishaq, taking its name after the band’s most recognisable song, Ishaq Hua Hai Mujhe, which was released worldwide by FL Studio as a demo project with its version 11. Another reason behind selecting the name is that Ishaq, or love, is the running theme of the album.

Eight of the 12 tracks talk about different phases of love. Right from puppy love and true love to heartbreak and its aftermath, the songs are arranged in a sequence that takes the listener through the evolution of the love story of a hopeless romantic. Who doesn’t get the girl, but eventually learns to make light of it.

Album art

The album art seeks to pictorially convey the different phases of Ishaq through a simple but cheeky concept.

The band was particular about not wanting an abstract graphic for album art. For, an abstract image is too sophisticated to convey anything at one glance in the thumbnail size. Or even in the standard size, for that matter. Besides, using a complicated, intricate, part-cryptic, part-enigmatic image to depict songs that are simple, straight and fun doesn’t make sense.

Plus, the band wanted an album art that conveyed its brand’s core identity, it being fun, youthful, hip and sexy. And pop! That explains the bubblegum pop-esque colour palette.


Ishaq comprises the following songs, in this order:
1. Khurdura Pyaar
2. Pari
3. Chaahat
4. Ishaq Hua Hai Mujhe
5. Bahaane
6. Jalta Hoon
7. Jhatka
8. Oh Jaaneman
9. The Legend of Kabootar’s Diet
10. Ragasur Theme
11. Awaz
12. Inner Peace

The album can be bought for Rs200. Individual songs are also available for sale. Currently, the songs are available only on OK Listen. In the next couple of weeks, they will be hosted on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Saavn, Gaana etc, after which Ragasur.com will put up a webpage with the songs’ buy links.

What next

Ragasur has another dozen-plus original tracks that are almost ready to be released, with only recording of vocals and mixing-mastering remaining. A couple of these are electronica remake of songs from Ishaq. The tranquillity quotient of one unreleased song can give Pari a run for its money. The band will release them in due course.

To buy Ishaq on OK Listen, click here.

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