FL Studio Music Production Course Training Online with Agnivesh Baghel

Music Production Course with Agnivesh Baghel?

Yes! You read it right. Live Skype Facecam classes on Music Production course with an Official FL Studio Artist, Agnivesh Baghel whose tracks were officially used as Demo projects on FL Studio 11 and FL Studio 12.

On the other side, Agnivesh’s recent Future bounce EDM track Kabira has also been supported and played by an American celebrity DJ KSHMR on Dharma Vol. 1, a Mexican DJ Mariana Bo and Club Banditz on their radio podcasts.
From Pop to EDM, Agnivesh will cover every aspect of sound reproduction, music arrangements, mixing and mastering with Live Facecam on Skype.

Agnivesh has been into music production for more than 10 years and finally he is ready to share his 10 Years of Experience straight from the mouth to you.

Courses Offered

Everything about FL Studio:

  • Channel Rack
  • Playlist
  • Mixer
  • Stock Plugins
  • Shortcuts
  • Control Linking and Automation

Sound Designing

  • Understanding basic Wavetables
  • Manipulating Wavetables using plugins
  • FM, Additive and Substractive Synths
  • Pitch and Frequency Filter Modulations
  • Audio Sampling and Resampling
  • Types of Filters
  • Special Effects

Music Production

  • Writing Melodies
  • What are Chords and what’s the importance of it.
  • Drum Programming
  • Track Structures
  • Writing Harmonies
  • Usage of Sound FX


  • Gain Staging
  • Volume Fader
  • Clipping distortion
  • Panning
  • Equalization
  • Single & Multi Band Compression
  • Saturation and it’s types
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Mono Compatibility
  • Fixing Phase Issues
  • Some of his secret tricks
  • Metering


  • Gain Staging
  • Headroom
  • Volume Fader
  • Equalization
  • Single & Multi Band Compression
  • Saturation
  • Signal Clipping
  • Limiting
  • Spectrum and Loudness Metering


  • Track revisions – Get your track fixed in front of you with live tutorial.
  • Dedicated timings for questioning doubts.
  • Agnivesh’s approaches to get the desired results.
  • Learn the Tricks / Secrets / Guidelines straight from the mouth.


You will be taught twice a week for 3 months and that too according to your time convenience. Whether you are from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore or New York, doesn’t matter.

We will start the Music Production course online as soon as you apply with your advance payment.



Free Trial





1st Tier

Rs 49,999



2 students at a time

3 months duration

All courses

Limited Call Support

No Track Revisions

2nd Tier

Rs 69,999



1 student at a time

3 months duration

All courses

24 x 7 Call Support

Track Revisions included

3rd Tier 

Rs 100,000



1 student at a time

3 months duration

All courses

24 x 7 Call Support

Track Revisions included

For registration, you need to pay 50% in advance.

After that you have to pay 25% on 1st day of 2nd month and the rest on the last month.


Do check what our fans think about our music.

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    thumb Anish Hassan

    5 star review  Awesome stuff …..................................�

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    positive review  Avinash's music was soothing to ears. I heard his tune in a short film 2 years ago and I still remember his name. Impact is that level.

    thumb Prahlad Reddy

    5 star review  U guys are doing @wesome......be a music lover I only say ....***"'JUST CARRY ON"******WE R ALWAYS WITH YOU ��������������������������

    thumb Zeeshan Sahid Khan

    5 star review  Awesome dj beats Love it Want to hear it again and again

    thumb Annesha Roy

    5 star review  The best electronic band of India 🖤🖤🖤

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    5 star review  Such pure talent needs appreciation ,not some dhinchak shits going on

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    thumb Tushar Roxx

    5 star review  Honestly bhaiyya ! You are creating such amazing music !! Specially the ones - "moon and light" and "nostalgia". Absolute fan !! Much love ! Keep going !!

    thumb Shreya Chatterjee

    5 star review  It's a fantastic for me but i don't know about others if beatr like this

    thumb MD Shadab

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