We’re giving you a ‘Jhatka’ this New Year

Hello, friends! A quick announcement. And a big one at that. Starting January 1, we’ll be releasing a flurry of songs. How many, you may ask. About a dozen.

Until recently, the band was of the view that no song should be released without a proper music video. But that takes much time and effort, particularly for a DIY band like ours. While we have all the resources—material and creative—to make music videos, what we haven’t had enough in 2016 is time. In the monsoon, we had declared we’d be putting out the video of Jalta Hoon. Rains are gone and in a fortnight, winter too will be making its exit, but the said video still needs much work. Since our insistence on music video has been holding back release of many of our songs, we have finally decided to loosen up a little. This means, we’ll start churning out kickass original tracks soon.

It was on January 1, 2015, that Ragasur had released its debut track, Awaz. To mark the second anniversary of the release, the band will be releasing a brand new song on January 1, 2017. The song is called Jhatka and takes a light-hearted look at a loverboy’s heartache. We are excited that after a long time, we’ll be treating our fans to some new music..

We’re expecting that we’ll be in a position to resume work on the music video of Jalta Hoon after a couple of weeks or so. Fingers crossed!

Apart from these two tracks—whose vocals were recorded way back in December 2015—we have at least 10 more songs that are at various stages of completion and will be released over the next few months. Here’s the tracklist:
Jaaun Kahaan
Inner Peace
Ghar Chhod Peechhe
Kaa Karhi Paandu
Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani (Tentative title)
Khurdura Pyaar (Agnified)
Awaz (Agnified)
Mass Distraction (Tentative title)
(Tentative title)
Introducing Ragasur (Tentative title)

The group is keen to release these songs at the earliest and has high hopes from them. Two of the abovesaid tracks, Awaz and Khurdura Pyaar, have been remade by Agni and sound ubercool. They are a cut above the original. Banjaare boasts of an unorthodox songwriting and intelligent lyrics. Kaa Karhi Paandu is whackier than The Legend of Kabootars’ Diet. The band things each of these songs has high potential and will be lapped up by music-loving masses. With these many new releases slated, Ragasur is excitedly looking forward to 2017.

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