‘Rain Chords’ at no. 4 in trance chart

Agni’s trance track Rain Chords has peaked at number 4 in the ‘Top 100 Trance Tracks’ list of TrackItDown.Net, a dance music download and merchandise distribution centre.

The instrumental track was released worldwide by Exia Recordings in 2014 through a twist of fate. In third week of August 2014, Agni received the following message on Facebook:



Exia Recordings picked up the track and released it globally in November 2014, making it available for sale. Ten months later, renowned DJ duo from Germany, Cosmic Gate, introduced Rain Chords to their audience, giving due credit to Agni.


Recognition by global trance artistes

The trance track’s charting success materialised owing to support by class acts like Cosmic Gate, Rank 1, FEEL DJ and DJ Anna Lee.

Buy track

Agni and the band is excited at all the support that’s pouring in for Rain Chords. To buy the track on iTunes, click here. To buy it on Beatport, click here. To listen to a demo of the trance masterpiece on SoundCloud, press play here:

Watch Rain Chords live

Agni had uploaded the first version of Rain Chords on his YouTube channel way back in July 2013. At that time, he had made the track neither with an aim to send it to any record label nor with the intention of adding it to the tracklist of Ragasur. However, owing to its global success, his band has added the instrumental piece to its set list for live performances. Check the band’s tour schedule to find out when it is performing in your city and you can catch the trance track being performed live.

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