Mixing and Mastering Services

Yes, Ragasur offers Mixing and Mastering Services in an affordable price. We provide guaranteed satisfying mixes for our customers within two to five working days.

And who will do it?

The music producer and engineer of Ragasur, Agnivesh Baghel who got fame with so many super classy mixes all over the world. He has been featured on Spinnin’ Records, FL Studio Official Demo Projects and has worked as mixing and mastering engineer for many great labels in EDM. He has also been supported by KSHMR, Mariana BO, Club Banditz, Cosmic Gate and many great artists.

Why should we trust your mixes?

Well, our fans and customers can answer this question.

We are in this field since 2006 and have completed almost 3 thousand projects in our mixing and mastering services so we are well experience enough to know how it should work.

How much time does it need?

It all depends on the number of stems. But maximum within seven working days. A normal mixing engineer may even take up to a month or two for testing out on speakers but here we have a team to test them quickly.

What is the difference between the Very Cheap Engineers (10-40$) & the Premium high budget Engineers?

The low charging mixing engineers just do it to get more customers, despite considering the quality of the song. He would be more focused on giving it less time because of the low budget. They are having experience maximum of only 2 to 3 years of mixing as it takes the long way to master the skills in this field. I have one friend who sent his mix to a low priced mixing engineer (50$), and guess what? He couldn’t even understand the lyrics because of so many instruments masking out the vocal frequencies. Sometimes their mixes can sound thin, dull or bassy and sometimes they only touch the volume faders.

The Premium high budget Engineers made their prices high because they know that they are famous among their clients and customers. They got great reputation with their quality mixes. And that is why it did not matter to them to increase the prices because only the quality of work defines the person and that is what convince the clients / customers to hire them.

A professional mixing engineer can perceive the digital loudness change of a db or half. He knows every decisions that can ruin the whole mix and decisions that can make it sound better. Every small minor tweaks are as sensitive as the major tweaks for him.

What are your main genres in Mixing and Mastering?

We work on all genres. From Hip-Hop to EDM to Pop to Jazz. Anything! Why? because it’s all about the game of frequencies. And yes, we do focus on the feel of the track first before we go any technical.

How can I get started?

Before answering this, we need to define the term Mixing first. Why? because often times our customers get confused between the term mixing and mastering. They both are from completely different world but depend on each other.

So what is Mixing?

Mixing is nothing but balancing. We balance each and every sound elements found on your track such as Kick Drum, Bass, Vocals, Strings etc.
Mixing doesn’t only require knowledge but a long term ear experience to be great on it. And we have 15 years of ear experience with more than three thousand radio ready tracks released commercially mixed with our tools.

Technically, we need to hear all the frequencies containing in your song and then fix the frequencies which are having abnormal unbalanced volumes.

Mixing follows various processes to get the desired balance result. These are:

Volume level
Effects (Reverb / Delay)
Panning (Stereo management)
Saturation / Distortion
Phase checking
And then the creative processes such as Radio effect, Flange / Chorus etc.

So how much do you charge for the Mixing?

We offer mixing service at different prices depending on the following conditions.


Free Trial




Rs 15,000


10 Stems limit

3 Revisions

Full Quality Audio

5 days delivery 


Rs 20,000


20 Stems limit

4 Revisions

Full Quality Audio 

6 days delivery


Rs 30,000


Unlimited Stems

5 Revisions

Full Quality Audio

7 to 10 days delivery

Click here to know what are audio stems.

What if I’m not liking something in the mix?

Well it’s quite a very rare chance if something doesn’t impress you. But still we offer up to five Revisions for free. That means you can make us do changes in the mix up to five times with your critics.

Can I send DAW projects if sending stems is not possible?

We accept FL Studio and Ableton projects. But you have to make a list of every plugins you have used in the project.

That’s all about mixing.

So if you are interested in our mixing service, Contact us here and send your track demo on our email address given on that page.

Now let’s come to the mastering process.

So what is Mastering?

Mastering is a last process in any audio related stuffs. It’s basically giving your track a perfect loudness with nice dynamics. When we say Mastering, it means we polish the track to make the track radio ready, perfect to listen in car speakers, mobile speaker or any sound generating devices.

Which format of file should I send for Mastering?

You have to send your mixed track in WAV format with 24 / 32 Bit and 44,000 Hz Sample rat. The track should touch maximum of -6 db in level so that it will not clip while mastering with our tools. If you have mixed your song from our service then you don’t need to send anything.

So how much do you charge for the Mastering?

We offer Mastering service at
Rs 8000 / $ 100 USD per song.

Again, we offer up to 5 revisions (changes) in case you don’t like something in the mastering.

That’s all about mastering.

So if you are interested in our mastering service, Contact us here and send your track demo on our email address given on that page.

We accept payment through Paypal, NEFT and Direct Bank transfer for mixing and mastering services.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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